Thursday, 8 May 2008

Out in the Granite City tonight

Up in the north-east of Scotland for a few client meetings - had a very
pleasant journey from Glasgow, made more so by the fact that my
frolleague DH was driving, whilst I (cough) navigated using Mr TomTom,
and also checked my mail and did some worky-stuff.

Pleased to say that GPRS/3G worked throughout most of Scotland, which
makes a change from the so-called civilised south-east of England, where
one struggles to get .00003G some of the time.

Off out for a brew, and back to the hotel for a good night's sleep ( was
up at 0430 today ) ready for more work ...


Unknown said...

ah now would that frolleague be t'other David I wonder. If it is say Hello for me :-) and ask is he coming over for ILUG ?

Unknown said...

Ohh an i will get back to you on the Quickr Problem front.. I have been plagued with problems all week and haven't been able to re-create it yet.

Dave Hay said...

@Steve(1) - yes, the frolleage ( what a strange but endearing term ) is David - I'll ask re ILUG.

@Steve(2) - no worries - will wait to hear from you

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