Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rational Application Developer 7.5 - Portal Toolkit in five parts

A nice set of five articles showing how the Portal Toolkit in Rational Application Developer 7.5 works: -

This article is the first in a five-part series. It provides an overview of the new features of IBM Rational Application Developer Version 7.5 Portal Toolkit. Because this overview deals with the enhancements made since the previous version, knowledge of Rational Application Developer V7.0 is very useful, although not mandatory. 

IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 introduces new features, such as client-side aggregation, Friendly URLs, and static page aggregation. WebSphere Portal V6.1 provides new themes, which include a Web 2.0-based theme. IBM Rational Application Developer Version 7.5 provides the tooling support for these new features. This article describes these features and tools.

This article describes the Web 2.0 tooling support introduced in IBM Rational Application Developer Version 7.5 for portlet and portal applications running on IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 and higher. To help you understand this tooling support better, the author also discusses the basics and benefits of the Web 2.0-based technologies.

With static page aggregation, you can create portal pages from static HTML layouts or templates in an IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 project. This article guides you through the step-by-step process of creating, designing, customizing, and aggregating such static layouts by using IBM Rational Application Developer Version 7.5, targeting the portal server runtime environment. You do not need to know a lot about the underlying portal APIs to follow the steps in this article.

This article walks you through the creation of a sample JSR 286 basic portlet application using the Portal Toolkit in IBM Rational Application Developer Version 7.5. In the process, it explains how the Portal Toolkit expedites the whole process to leverage these capabilities. Detailed instructions show how to enable events and public render parameters by using the new event wizard and the enhanced portlet deployment descriptor visual editor.

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Enzo said...

Informazioni molto utili ed interessanti.
Grazie per la collezione!

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