Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's Lotus Notes email, Jim, but not as we know it ...

During a recent project, we came across a requirement to provide access to a user's email on a portal page, without using the normal iNotes ( Domino Web Access ) or POP/IMAP mail portlets.

Not sure what led me to this, but I thought ... I wonder whether Domino has some kind of Atom/RSS syndication mechanism ? And, guess what, it does ....

I added the following lines to the NOTES.INI file on the Domino server: -


and restarted Domino ( although I probably could have simply reloaded the HTTP task via TELL HTTP RESTART ).

Lo and behold, I can now subscribe to my inbox via the URL: -


IdoNotes said...

This ability showed it's ugly head in 8.0 and is good for notifications in mail-in type databases but horrible for users since they dont need to click and click to act on a message.

Dave Hay said...

Hey, for our demo, it met the functional requirements, and was "Good Enough (TM)" :-)

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