Thursday, 19 May 2011

WebSphere Portal, iFrames and Internet Explorer 9

I don't yet have much detail on this, but one of my customers alerted me to an issue where portal pages, containing portlets containing iFrames ( including the out-of-the-box iFrame portlet ) fail to render properly using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 ( IE9 ).

The same pages render perfectly using IE8.

This relates to the way in which IE applies the doctype to the iFramed content; IE8 used the doctype of the iFrame content itself, whereas IE9 uses the doctype of the parent frame.

The solution / circumvention is to add an http-equiv to force IE9 to render as IE8 as a workaround.

Again, this isn't something that I've yet experienced first hand, but I'm hoping that this may help my project, where we're using various versions of IE.

As ever, thanks to James for this ...


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Marco said...

This is more than likely because ie9 no longer allows you to change properties on an iframe after you move the iframe in the visual tree