Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Apple Macintosh OSX and Keyboard Shortcuts

Had two reasons to look up OSX  keyboard shortcuts today.

The first was to find out how to pull up the Apple (  ) menu at the top-left corner of the screen; the one that contains "About This Mac", "Software Update' etc.

Thanks to this YouTube video, I now know that it is: -

[fn] [Ctrl] [Shift] [F2]

and that hitting the [Space] bar allows one to pull down the menu, and select the appropriate command e.g. "App Store", "Force Quit" etc.

The second keyboard trick was in relation to a Twitter correspondent asking how to print the  symbol ( that's the Apple logo ).

The trick is: -

[alt] [Shift] [K]



*UPDATE* 02/11/2011 - One of my US colleagues, Mike Alexander, also came up with Dashkards (sic) as another good source of keyboard shortcut goodness


ben said...

Here's another handy hint...

If you need foreign accented characters on a Mac, just hold down the main letter key, and they pop up above it for selection, just like in iOS. For example, you want a 'á', just hold down the letter 'a' and the variants of 'a' with accents will appear above. Select by either pressing the number that corresponds to the one you want, or using the cursor keys and enter, or the mouse.

Frustratingly however, this doesn't work when using Lotus Notes for Mac.

Dave Hay said...

@Ben, strewth, that's amazing, thanks for sharing.

How long has that been in OSX ? Is it a Leonine feature, or have I simply just missed it for the past three years ?

Re Notes, I concur, there's a number of shortcuts I miss, including Paste Special - [Cmd] [Shift] [V] - etc.

ben said...

Not sure how long it's been around, I only discovered it after I started using Lion (and on a project that required a lot of non-English documentation).