Thursday, 24 November 2011

Understanding IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator for IBM Lotus Connections 3.0: A getting started guide

One of my IBM colleagues drew my attention to this: -

The purpose of this white paper is to give users a good understanding of how IBM Lotus® Connections uses IBM Tivoli® Directory Integrator, so they can understand how to look at the Lotus Connections AssemblyLines and understand what they do.

In this white paper

• Introduction
• Installation
• Out-of-the-box Profiles population
• Setting up the development environment
• Testing your configuration
• Logging/tracing
• Connections 2.5 "Best Practice" approach
• Connections 3.0 "Best Practice" approach
• Custom delete logic
• New Connectors
• Sample files
• Conclusion
• Appendix: Comprehensive overview of all notifications in Lotus Connections 3.0
• Resources
• About the authors

Definitely worth a read ….

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