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Knowledge Collection: IBM WebSphere Portal Performance

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This technote contains links to additional reading on the topic of IBM WebSphere Portal Performance


How should I start tuning WebSphere portal Server for better performance ?

This tuning guide provides details about the parameters that you can tune to improve portal performance. This guide serves as a very good starting point to start portal tuning process before production usage.

Performance tuning guide for WebSphere portal on IBM i
This document discusses additional performance tuning recommendations that is specific to running WebSphere Portal on the IBM i platform. The focus is more on platform level recommendations unique to the IBM i and are minimally discussed in the above guide.

Monitoring Performance in a WebSphere Portal environment
To tune your WebSphere Portal environment for optimal performance, you need to know what needs tuning. The monitoring methods discussed in this article cover several key areas of WebSphere Portal. They help you to view the true behavior of your WebSphere Portal environment and ultimately identify bottlenecks and potential problems. This article is meant to be an overview of monitoring methods rather than an in-depth look at any specific methods.

IBM WebSphere Portal performance testing and analysis
Finding and fixing performance problems in a production environment is challenging on a number of levels. Optimally, most bottlenecks in the system should be found and fixed before the system is allowed into production. This article explains a tested process that can ensure that, with high probability, most of the significant performance issues are found and addressed before you promote a system to production.

IBM WebSphere portal performance considerations for custom portal code
This article provides general guidance for creating well performing custom code for IBM WebSphere Portal. Custom code does not only refer to portlets (although they are the most common programming model for portals), but also includes code for WebSphere Portal themes and skins.

Performance management tools for IBM WebSphere Portal
This article describes the tools and how they were used to evaluate an IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 performance and/or problem determination issue during a recent engagement at a customer site.

WebSphere Portal Performance Troubleshooting Guide
This document is intended as a guide for resolving performance problems in IBM WebSphere Portal V5.1 or later.

How to set an appropriate number of Portal Datasource connections in WebSphere Portal
For a given maximum number of Portal WebContainer threads set, what should I set my maximum Portal datasource connections to? This is important parameter and may lead to portal hang if not tuned correctly.

WebSphere Portal Server and Dynacache Replication(DRS) issues
This technote discusses some common issues observed with a WebSphere Portal server cluster having performance, memory issues, and HAManager/DRS exceptions. The cache replication suggestions are also valid for portal version 7.0.x.x.

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