Monday 2 April 2012

Polling and Surveying Widgets in IBM Connections

I saw this referenced on the IBM Connections Community Chat: -

  • CRM contacts. Based on our own CRM product, this widget targets the need to quickly access contact information, regardless of the platform one is currently using. Using type ahead functions, this widget allows fast and effective searching of the CRM database. This widget is available for WebSphere Portal, Lotus Notes and Lotus Connections. And due to the service oriented setup of this widget, it can be easily enhanced to connect to another CRM provider.

  • Profiles Calendar. Tightly tied in the Profiles functionality of Lotus Connections, this widget shows a calendar and all meetings that day of a person next to his or her profile

  • Poll. This widget allows organizations to quickly put up a poll to ask its employees for their opinion

  • Bulletin Board. This widget allows organizations to inform its employees throughout all platforms used by it

  • Quickr Places. This widget shows an overview of all Quickr places which can be navigated, providing links to the documents in Quickr itself

  • Holidays. Based on the holiday application Eniac uses internally as part of a HRM application, this allows employees to see an overview of the amount of days they took off this year, the amount still left and also provides functionality to request a new holiday

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Thanks to Jon M for drawing my attention to this...

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