Thursday, 12 April 2012

WebSphere Portal - Migration from v6.1.5 to v7.0.x

At present, this is merely a collection of links, but my main aim is to identify any release notes, Javadocs etc. that describe what, if any, portlets or APIs have been deprecated or significantly changed between WP615 and WP70x.

So far, it's looking good e.g. my developers don't need to worry about code that they're writing on WP615, it'll work on WP7, but they will ( of course ) properly test it :-)

The IBM Portlet API has been deprecated for WebSphere Portal Version 7.0 and later versions, but it is still supported. No new functionality will be added and you should convert portlets based on the IBM Portlet API to the Standard Portlet API when possible. Learn how to convert IBM Portlets to Standard API portlets.

and, last but by no means least, there's Rob Will's excellent presentation from Lotusphere 2012 - ID201 Whats New in IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager  ( requires a free-to-acquire ID on the IBM Greenhouse from here )

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