Thursday, 12 July 2012

Case Study - IBM helps Birmingham Metropolitan College to create a “Classroom in the Cloud”

Utilising social learning to boost student engagement and transform college operability

The need

Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet) is constantly seeking new ways to engage students and make education accessible to a more diverse user base. In order to synergise with the digital lifestyle of learners and compete in different markets, the college recognised that it needed to transform how it delivered learning.

The solution

Embarking on a strategic relationship with IBM, BMet began building "Classroom in the Cloud", based on IBM SmartCloud® for Social Business. When the project is complete, up to 25,000 students and 1,350 staff will be able to use the solution to access learning through a variety of mediums including the web and smart phones.

The benefit

Enables staff and students to collaborate across departments, providing access to a wealth of resources not easily available before. Potential to increase student engagement, retention and make education available to a wider population. Expected to cut down on travel costs and carbon footprint and increase productivity with staff and students.

Want to know more ? The case study is available as a PDF here.

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