Friday, 9 November 2012

BPM = Blogs Pour Me // Business Process Management

In this article, I make reference to a new (to me) blog for the IBM Business Process Manager tool, as I continue to discover and, more importantly, bookmark / share resources for my new role in IBM Software Services for WebSphere (ISSW).

From the blog post: -

When you contact IBM Support, a Problem Management Record, or PMR, is opened to track your concern and its resolution. Many of those PMRs reference support documents that are used to resolve a specific issue. We are able to analyze those records to find issue trends that are affecting many of our IBM Business Process Manager customers. When we look at the top 10 most referenced support documents in PMRs, we find several of the MustGather documents. If you are not familiar with these documents, they explain the type of information that IBM Support needs to expedite the resolution of your issue. These documents include requests for information about your operating environment and requests for certain files that can help us diagnose your issue. The following MustGather documents are available to help us help you:

In addition to the "MustGather" documents, IBM Support Assistant Version 5.0 can help you determine the root cause of an issue and find possible documented resolutions. In fact, Version 5.0 Beta 2 was just released within the last few weeks of this post.


What's HOT in IBM Business Process Manager Support?

Whilst I'm at it, here's a few more blogs that I'm making more and more use of: -

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