Tuesday, 27 November 2012

IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management 8.0.1 - Looking for JDBC drivers

In this post, I outline a problem that I saw when installing a new instance of IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management (WODM), now known as IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) v8.0.1.

Having installed and configured my (W)ODM environment, I was seeing JDBC driver-related errors when I started up my Decision Server and Decision Center clusters. This was on my client's Linux environment.

When I checked, the JDBC drivers weren't in their expected location - /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer80/jdbcdrivers - which surprised me somewhat, as I'd NOT seen this problem on my own environment.

When I dug into the problem further, I discovered that the drivers are put into place by ONE of the THREE (W)ODM components - Business Space.

This is what I had installed on my own server: -

$ /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl -silent -nosplash listInstalledPackages


When I dug further, on my own environment, I determined that the installations of Decision Center and Decision Server do NOT install the JDBC drivers into their correct location - it's the installation of Business Space that does that.

Given that I'm only installing Business Space onto the Decision Center nodes, that's a pain.

Of course, on my own single VM environment, I installed all THREE components, which is why I did not see the problem.

However, it was easy enough to work around - I simply TAR'd up the drivers from the Decision Center / Business Space box, and extracted them onto the Decision Server box.

Hope that helps :-)

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