Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Creating a Remote Messaging, Remote Support and Web pattern (RMRSW) based Network Deployment environment for IBM Business Process Manager Standard Version 8.0

I'm in the midst of an IBM BPM implementation at the moment, working to deploy a combined Process Center / Process Server environment using IBM BPM Standard 8.0 ( as 8.0.1 isn't  yet available ). Therefore, this set of blog posts look to be terribly useful.

This blog entry walks you thru the step-by-step procedure to create a stand-alone Process Center server and a Remote Messaging, Remote Support and Web pattern-based network deployment environment for the Process Server. Setting this environment can be accomplished in many different ways and this blog post approaches the task in a simple, yet commonly used, methodology that is applicable for most platforms. We would love to hear your feedback and would appreciate it if you shared your own experience with us.

Definitely worth a read ...

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