Monday, 4 March 2013

More on IBM Business Monitor and Cognos BI - Patience is the key

If you get this: - 
IBM Cognos 
   An error has occurred. 
   DPR-ERR-2109 The dispatcher cannot service the request at this time. The dispatcher is still initializing. Contact your administrator if this problem persists. 
  Please try again or contact your administrator. 

from the Cognos Dispatcher: -

just wait and watch: -

tail -f /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/BAMN1Profile/logs/BAMSR011.Support/SystemOut.log

for: -

[3/4/13 16:10:13:968 GMT] 00000000 WsServerImpl  A   WSVR0001I: Server BAMSR011.Support open for e-business 
[3/4/13 16:13:19:678 GMT] 000000a5 SystemOut     O The dispatcher is ready to process requests. 

Note the six minute gap between the two ….

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