Thursday, 14 March 2013

To script or not to script

One of my colleagues posted this image in response to my post, on Connections: -

Spent an hour writing a Jython script to do something that I can do in the WAS Admin console in about 5 seconds. Why ? 'Cos it's repeatable …..


Ali Murtaza said...

Once, I was asked to create 250 user over Portal !! If I had done that the non-nerdy way , I would have wasted a lot of my days. Instead I created a jython script which created the 250 user in about 20 seconds.

Here's my blogpost on how I created the script


Dave Hay said...

@Ali, yes, I've also used scripts to create groups and users. Of course, you could always choose to use LDAP, or another user registry, rather than relying upon the file-based registry, cheers, Dave