Tuesday, 26 November 2013

IBM Notes and Microsoft NTLM Authentication

This is from one of my friends / customers, James, who's a keen Notes/Citrix guru: -

"W3ContextNtlmMode=1" in NOTES.INI works a treat! With the Notes client now able to talk NTLM, we can now have the Notes application in question in-line rendering images from a remote Microsoft IIS server (which stores customer signatures captured on a pad)!

James also pointed out out that there's a useful IBM Technote that outlines some of the challenges with Notes and NTLM, including: -

The main point is that Microsoft proxies that use NTLM (Windows domain authentication / Microsoft security's protocol) is not supported. The protocol is a proprietary protocol (much like NRPC) that Microsoft uses in its suite of products (IE, Outlook, Windows login).

and: -

The only workaround for this is to disable NTLM authentication.

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