Saturday, 2 November 2013

Sametime Unified Telephony - Broken, Now Fixed

Having recently upgraded to IBM Notes 9.0.1 and embedded IBM Sametime 9.0, I was somewhat annoyed to find that I was unable to use the Sametime Computer Phone to make calls any longer.

This is, of course, on a  MacBook Pro, running OS X Mountain Lion.

This had previously worked using Notes 9.0.0 and Sametime 8.5.2.

I kept seeing "Unable to call Dave Hay because the phone number is missing or invalid.".

Thanks to an internal IBM blogger, I found the solution.

I needed to add: -

to /Applications/IBM before restarting Notes.

Now I can make calls via the Sametime Computer Phone without problems, including internal numbers, IBM mobile extensions, and UK mobile and landline numbers.


Keith Brooks said...

Excellent Dave. We wish all our customers were as adept as you are in solving problems. But even more, we appreciate you blogging about it.

Dave Hay said...

Cheers, Keith, it's the Hay Way :-)

Carl Tyler said...

That's very strange, that property should only enable/disable the status of a person being on or off the phone. If it disabled your softphone option then it sounds like a bug. Please make sure your raise it with the right folks within IBM to look at it.

Dave Hay said...

@Carl, I'll try a clean installation of Notes / Sametime / Connections Plugins at some future time, and see whether the problem persists, cheers, Dave

Dave Hay said...

All, so I did a clean install of Notes, Sametime and the Connections plugins, and the problem does NOT appear to be have recurred.

This is what I used: -


I didn't have to make any changes to plugin_customization.ini this time around.

I merely needed to choose Enable/Disable SUT Features from the Tools menu, and restart the client.

Cheers, Dave

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