Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Windows on a Mac - Booting a Windows XP VM into Safe Mode using VMware Fusion

I was struggling to do this earlier today - I wanted to boot WinXP into safe mode, inside a VM running in Fusion on my Mac.

Ordinarily, I'd press [F8] but that doesn't work too well :-(

I then tried to use VMware itself - Virtual Machine > Send Key > F8.

Thanks to this article: -

Caution: Depending on your problem, following this procedure may remove a software environment that is required to test the health of your operating system.

• Restart the operating system or power off and power on the computer. 
• When the computer starts, press and hold F8.

• Depending how your keyboard is configured, you may need to press fn+F8 rather than just F8.
• You may see a series of messages that display information about hardware and memory. This is called POST information. If you see POST information, you do not need to press F8 until the screen goes black. Make sure the mouse focus is inside the virtual machine by clicking inside the console window and that you press F8 in a timely fashion. Windows can boot very rapidly, and it may take several attempts to catch the Safe Mode screen. To delay the POST information screen, see this knowledge base article Accessing the BIOS when the POST screen clears too quickly (KB 1004129)

You are presented with a text menu of boot options.

Note: If you do not see this text menu and Windows boots normally, repeat steps 1-2.

• Select a safe mode and press enter.

• If the operating system issues involve networking, select Safe Mode with Networking.
• If the operating system issues do not involve networking, select Safe Mode.

In short, [fn] [F8] works for me :-)

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