Monday, 13 January 2014

IBM BPM 8.X - Creating user interfaces for business processes

This from the IBM BPM 8.0.1 Information Center, via Twitter: -

Users interact with a IBM® Business Process Manager process through human services.

There are two types of user interfaces for human services: task completion and dashboards. A task completion user interface implements a specific activity within a process instance. It has access to the details of that process instance. For information, see the User Task implementation option in Implementing activities and see Building a Human service. A dashboard is a stand-alone user interface that users can run at any time. Users can access dashboards through the Process Portal. For information about dashboards, see Managing processes and workload using dashboards in Process Portal. You can also use a Coach-based dashboard as a WebSphere® portlet. For information, see Generating portlets for human services exposed as dashboards.

To build either type of user interface for human services, you use Coaches or Heritage Coaches. Coaches are composed from user interface controls called Coach Views. You can create Coach Views in Process Designer. For information, see Coaches and Coach Views. Heritage Coaches are composed from a fixed set of user interfaces controls. They are primarily for compatibility with IBM Business Process Manager before version 8.0. For processes created with IBM Business Process Manager v8.0 and later, Coaches are recommended.

and here's the BPM 8.5 version of the same page: -

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