Wednesday, 16 July 2014

IBM Elastic Caching Community

Thanks to my IBM colleague, Jonathan Marshall: -

The future of the web is scale.  And when we're talking solving big problems, we mean, eXtreme Scale.  Large Volumes, Highly Available, Reliable, Transparent, High Performance, Scalable, Accessible, Secure, Usable, and Inexpensive are just a few of the benefits of using elastic caching.  
Data in memory is much quicker and easier to access than memory on disk. End user response times and system throughput are improved. Load on backend EIS and databases are reduced by large memory caches, thus increasing the workload you may process and your scalability. 

WebSphere eXtreme Scale provides huge memory stores on commodity hardware solving all these problems being a dynamic, elastic cache. What can't you do with large, cheap memory stores?

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