Wednesday, 10 September 2014

IBM BPM 8.5 - Groups and Caches

This follows an earlier post: -

where I reported that, for BPM, it was an easy matter to reset the GroupCache in Process Admin, in order to have some WAS groups appear inside the User Management > Group Management view ( in order to allow me to assign WAS groups to BPM roles such as tw_admins and tw_authors ).

So I've followed the same path for BPM Advanced ( Process Center AND Process Server ) here.

I created a bunch of new users in WAS, mapped to one of two WAS groups ( administrators and/or developers ).

I then expected these to appear in Process Admin.

Well, the users did, almost immediately with no need to refresh any caches.

However, the groups never did.

I tried various combinations of the GroupCache reset: -

but to no avail.

Nothing, nil, nada, zip, nein :-(

Well, not until I recycled the environment ( restarted the Deployment Environment, thus restarting the three clusters; MECluster, AppCluster and SupCluster ).

Once I did this, the groups magically appeared ....

For the record, I'm using WAS groups and users as a very short-term solution, whilst I wait for LDAP to appear.

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