Monday, 8 September 2014

Installing IBM Integration Bus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3

This is part of my ongoing journey towards mastery relative understanding of integration, using IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM Integration Bus and IBM Business Process Manager.

I've got some further experience of WMQ after the past few weeks: -

so am revisiting IIB ( having played briefly with WebSphere Message Broker a while back ): -

This is, as ever, a work-in-progress.

My objective is two fold: -

(a) Validate WMQ to BPM integration by putting a message onto a Queue, and then retrieving it using a Message Driven Bean ( building on this Using WebSphere MQ V7 as JMS Provider for WebSphere Application Server V7, V8.0 and V8.5 )

(b) Create a basic flow in IIB to, for example, pull a database row from DB2 and post it to BPM, again using WMQ as the transport mechanism, perhaps using IBM HTTP Server in front of IIB to trigger the flow ....

However, one needs to walk before one can run ... so here's the installation of IIB: -

Create File Systems and Group/User - as root

mkdir /opt/ibm/mqsi
mkdir /var/mqsi

groupadd mqbrkrs
useradd -g mqbrkrs -G mqbrkrs,mqm -d /home/wmbadmin wmbadmin
passwd wmbadmin

chown -R wmbadmin:mqbrkrs /opt/ibm/mqsi
chown -R wmbadmin:mqbrkrs /var/mqsi

Unpack Binaries - as wmbadmin

su - wmbadmin

mkdir /tmp/IIB
tar xvzf /mnt/hgfs/Software/IIB9002/IIB_V9.0.0.2_LINUX_X86-64.tar.gz -C /tmp/IIB

Prepare Response Files - as wmbadmin

cp /tmp/IIB/integrationbus_runtime1/sample-scripts/ ~

sed -i'' 's/FALSE/TRUE/g'

Install Binaries - as wmbadmin

/tmp/IIB/integrationbus_runtime1/setuplinuxx64.bin -i silent -f ~/ -DLICENSE_ACCEPTED=TRUE 


cat /opt/ibm/mqsi/ 

Execute Command:          /opt/ibm/mqsi/ "/var/mqsi"
                          Status: SUCCESSFUL

Modify Text File - Single File:   /opt/ibm/mqsi/
                          Status: SUCCESSFUL

Modify Text File - Single File:   New File /var/mqsi/WMB_Install_Success.txt
                          Status: SUCCESSFUL


cat /var/mqsi/WMB_Install_Success.txt 

WMB Install Success



/opt/ibm/mqsi/ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Ooops - try this first: -

source /opt/ibm/mqsi/ 



BIP1281I: No brokers have been defined on this machine.
BIP8071I: Successful command completion.

Set up profile for future

echo "source /opt/ibm/mqsi/" >> ~/.bashrc

Job's a good 'un. Now to go and download the IIB Toolkit .....

Thanks to these resources for inspiration: -

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