Monday, 22 September 2014

WebSphere Application Server - Using WSAdmin to manage users and groups

print AdminTask.searchUsers(["-cn *"]) 


print AdminTask.searchGroups(["-cn *"])



WASX8004I: Available admin commands: 

WIMCheckPassword - Validates the user/pasword in the Federated repositories user registry
addAdminIdToUserRegObj - Adds the adminId to the user registry object in the security.xml file
addCompUnit - Add a composition unit, based on an asset or another business-level application, to a business-level application.
addDisabledSessionCookie - Adds a cookie configuration that applications will not be able to programmatically modify
addExternalBundleRepository - Adds an external bundle repository to the configuration.  Requires a repository name and a URL.
addFeaturesToServer - Add feature pack or stack product features to existing server 
addFileRegistryAccount - Adds an account to the file registry.
addGroupToBusConnectorRole - Give a group permission to connect to the bus specified.
addGroupToDefaultRole - Grants a group default access to all local destinations on the bus for the specified role.
addGroupToDestinationRole - Grants a group access to a destination for the specified destination role.
addGroupToForeignBusRole - Grants a group access to a foreign bus from the local bus specified for the specified destination role.
addGroupToTopicRole - Gives a group permission to access the topic for the specified role.
addGroupToTopicSpaceRootRole - Gives a group permission to access the topic space for the specified role.
addIdMgrLDAPAttr - Adds an LDAP attribute configuration to the LDAP repository configuration.
addIdMgrLDAPAttrNotSupported - Adds a configuration for a virtual member manager property not supported by a specific LDAP repository.
addIdMgrLDAPBackupServer - Sets up a backup LDAP server.

print AdminTask.getMembersOfGroup(['-uniqueName','cn=dashboard-editor,o=defaultWIMFileBasedRealm'])


print AdminTask.getMembershipOfUser(['-uniqueName',uid=wasadmin,o=defaultWIMFileBasedRealm'])


which is nice.

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