Friday, 22 July 2016

Disable desktop notifications for a site

I was getting slightly cross ( hey, I'm British, what can I say? ) with Firefox 47's insistence on asking me whether I REALLY wanted notifications from a site, each and every time I opened or refreshed a page on that site.

This had the answer: -

You can reset this to the default (or outright disallow it) on a per-site basis by right-clicking somewhere in a blank spot of the site (or pressing Ctrl-I on Windows or Cmd-I on Mac) and then selecting "View Page Info" from the opening menu. This opens a window with a "Permissions" tab. I that, scroll down to the very bottom until you see "Show Notifications" as the third-to-last entry. Either reset that to the default, or just select "Block".

Additionally, the notifications are currently a labs feature in Google Music, so you can also disable them by going into the Google Music Labs preferences and disabling them.

I changed it from Use Default to Block 

Job done :-)


andrew magerman said...

Notifications are a bane. I've shutdown all of them, including e-mail but excluding sms.

Dave Hay said...

Andrew, yes, it wasn't something about which I "worried" until recently, but a certain site has started popping up each and every time I hit [Refresh] which is a pain :-(

Thanks, Dave