Thursday, 3 November 2016

DB2 on Windows - Ready for the next time

A few weeks back, I helped a friend resolve an issue with IBM Integration Designer (IID) on Windows, whereby he found that the DB2 component, intrinsic to the IID Integration Test Environment (ITE), was failing to start.

Long story short, even though he'd installed IID and the ITE with a user ID that had administration privileges, the DB2 user - db2admin - wasn't able to start the required DB2 services.

We proved this by attempting to start the DB2 services via the Services Control Panel ( services.msc ) whilst logged in as that user, but with no joy.

Equally, DB2 commands such as db2start and db2admin start failed.

I failed … to capture the messages etc. at the time, which is b-a-d.

However, the problem was resolved by ensuring that the db2admin user was manually made part of the db2admins group, as per this: -

Adding your user ID to the DB2ADMNS and DB2USERS user groups (Windows)

Next time I see this, I need to (a) document the problem and (b) document the solution :-)

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