Friday, 18 November 2016

Windows 7 - An Update on Updates

Acting in my role as my family's IT Crowd representative, I ran an errand of mercy yesterday to help recover a Windows 7 PC that was failing to properly run up.

It was booting OK, but was tremendously slow, and it's owner was unable to access the internet ( aka Internet Explorer ).

The PC hadn't been booted up for a month or so, and there were a series of overlapping issues, one of which was that the Norton Anti-Virus tool was (a) out-of-date and (b) expired.

In parallel, Windows Update hadn't run in a while, and the PC believed that it had not been updated since July :-( even though updates were last checked for in September :-(

Long story short, I had to manually update Windows via four specific fixes ( Knowledge Base articles ) : -





In each case, I found that the trick was to: -

(a) Disable the network interface ( having downloaded the fix, obviously )
(b) Stop the Windows Update Service (WUS) via the Services Control Panel ( services.msc )
(c) Install the fix
(d) Reboot

Once I finally managed to get Windows to update ( and the first of the above four helped with that, as it actually patches WUS ), it's all up-and-running, and Windows seems fairly happy ( as does Norton AV, once I renewed the subscription ).

Now to run SpinRite ...

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