Thursday, 5 January 2017

IBM Notes on Mac - Dude, where's my toolbar ?

It's been a while since last I posted about IBM Notes, even though it's the one tool that I use each and every day.

This time around, it's the toolbars that we use within Notes that were causing me grief.

For the record, I'm using Notes 9.0.1 on macOS Sierra

I'm not a big fan of out-of-context toolbars ( I find those in Office 2016 to be rather annoying ) but I do like certain toolbar features when I need them.

Specifically I'm looking at the Editing toolbar that appears when one is …. editing a document in Notes

What I was finding was that the toolbar did NOT appear unless I unchecked the Show Toolbars Only When Editing option via View > Toolbar

This meant that the toolbar appeared ALL the time, even when I was NOT editing

I did note that, with Show Toolbars Only When Editing checked, the option Hide All Toolbars was also automatically checked, which felt contra-intuitive.

Then I dug further ….

Looking in Notes Preferences ( [cmd] [,]  or IBM Notes > Preferences ), I found this

Once I checked Show toolbar that applies to my current task I got precisely what I wanted

To summarise, this is what I now have

which is nice

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