Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Synology NAS - Where's my Unzip command gorn ?

I hit a wee snag earlier today, whilst attempting to unpack some IBM software on my NAS.

Being a command-line junkie, I'd SSH'd into the box: -

and was attempting to use the unzip command, as per this example: -

unzip ../../IIM18/agent.installer.linux.gtk.x86_64_1.8.5001.20161016_1705.zip

which, alas, returned: -

-sh: unzip: command not found

Thankfully, the Synology forum came to my rescue, with this: -

which led me to the fact that Synology have replaced zip with 7Zip, as per this: -

which 7z


so I now need to do this: -

7z x ../../IIM18/agent.installer.linux.gtk.x86_64_1.8.5001.20161016_1705.zip 

to unpack my file, and I'm good to go.

Thankfully, they've left tar alone, so I can still do this: -

tar xvf ../../ODM87/Product/DEC_SVR_RU_WIN_32_64_BITS_V8.7_ML.tar

which is nice :-)

For the record, this is what I'm running on the NAS: -

uname -a

Linux DiskStation 3.2.40 #8451 SMP Fri Dec 9 10:49:00 CST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux synology_armadaxp_ds414

cat /etc/VERSION 



NotesSensei said...

I use ssh for Synology too. However out of paranoia / convenience I disabled username/password login and only allow certificate based login

Dave Hay said...

Thanks, Stephan, that's a good point, cheers, Dave

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