Thursday, 18 May 2017

IBM Integration Bus - Tinkering with WebAdmin permissions

This came up in a conversation with one of my team earlier.

In brief, it's possible to configure the IIB 10 Web Admin UI to be protected by a user ID / password.

This is what I did: -

Define a user ID, password and role - iibadmins

mqsiwebuseradmin TESTNODE_iibadmin -c -u davehay -a passw0rd -r iibadmins

Grant the appropriate permissions to the iibadmins role

mqsichangefileauth TESTNODE_iibadmin -r iibadmins -p all+

Stop the Integration Node

mqsistop TESTNODE_iibadmin

Enable the file-based authentication / authorisation

mqsichangeauthmode TESTNODE_iibadmin -s active -m file

Start the Integration Node

mqsistart TESTNODE_iibadmin

For reference: -

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