Monday, 15 May 2017

WebSphere Liberty Collectives - Problems with the FileService MBean

I kept seeing this exception: -

[15/05/17 09:16:25:071 BST] 0000031d           E CWWKX7900E: Access denied to the /opt/IBM/wlp path.

in my Liberty Collective Controller's log: -


even though I'd configured the appropriate permission using the remoteFileAccess stanza in my include.xml : -


The exception popped up each time I accessed the Collective Controller: -,/opt/IBM/work,cc/${server.config.dir}/server.xml

Can you see where I went wrong ?

I had: -


rather than: -


In other words, I'd forgotten the closing brace.

Interestingly, Liberty didn't seem to complain as, I guess, the XML was valid, even though the data within the stanza was incorrect.

Now sorted ….

For the record, I'm running the latest version of Liberty: -

/opt/IBM/wlp/bin/server version

WebSphere Application Server (1.0.16.cl170120170227-0220) on IBM J9 VM, version pxa6480sr3fp12-20160919_01 (SR3 FP12) (en_GB)

and I'm tinkering with Collectives in the context of IBM API Connect, where I'm using the Liberty Collective Controller with a Node.JS runtime.

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