Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Hmm, Box Sync not playing nice - "Unable to Connect to Box"

So I started seeing this: -

Unable to Connect to Box

Box Sync is unable to connect to Box.

Verify that you are connected to the Internet and restart Box Sync.

If you continue to see this message, contact your administrator to verify if it is a network issue.

If it is not a network issue, visit the Box Support website to submit a ticket.

yesterday, on my Mac.

No matter how many times I tried stopping/starting the Box Sync app, it flatly refused to connect.

This whilst I was working away on Box via my browser, and happily using the internet for mail, browsing, Slack, Twitter, iMessage etc.

So, this morning, I took Roy's advice ( if you don't know The IT Crowd, you really should ) and "turned it off and on again" - by which I mean the Mac itself.

A reboot didn't seem to sort it, so a full power-down and restart was the order of the day.

When I then tried to start the Box Sync client I saw this: -

There was a login error. Please make sure your network is connected and try logging in again. If you still experience issues, please restart Box Sync. Reason Code: (8)

so I again restart the Box Sync client itself ….

And, quelle surprise, I was able to log in and get syncing … which is nice :-)

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