Wednesday, 26 July 2017

WebSphere Liberty Profile - Variables

As per my previous posts, I'm setting up an IBM BPM Process Federation Server (PFS), which runs on WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP).

I'm now going back through the setup from scratch, to see (a) what I learned and (b) whether I can repeat my success :-)

Looking at the WLP configuration file - server.xml - I'd noticed reference to a pair of variables: -

    <keyStore id="defaultKeyStore" location="${server.output.dir}/resources/security/key.jks" password="password" />
    <keyStore id="defaultTrustStore" location="${server.config.dir}/resources/security/key.jks" password="password"/>

and was trying to work out what, if anything, the difference is, given that they actually point to a the same darn file.

This helped: -


This environment variable can be used to specify an alternative location for server generated output such as logs, the workarea directory, and generated files. Files in the logs directory can include console.log, messages.log, and any generated FFDC files. Generated files can include server dumps that are created with the server dump or server javadump command. This variable must be an absolute path. If this environment variable is specified, ${server.output.dir} is set to the equivalent of WLP_OUTPUT_DIR/serverName. If this environment variable is not specified, ${server.output.dir} is the same as ${server.config.dir}.

So, because I have not actively specified WLP_OUTPUT_DIR  the value of server.output.dir is the same as server.config.dir.

For the record, I can also dump out the value of the overall WLP environment: -

/opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/bin/server status

CWWKE0005E: The runtime environment could not be launched.
CWWKE0010E: The required server.xml file must exist and be readable. Path: /opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/usr/servers/defaultServer/server.xml Reason: file not found
                 Java home:  /opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/java/java_1.8_64/jre
              Install root:  /opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/
          System libraries:  /opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/lib/
                 User root:  /opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/usr/
                    Config:  /opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/usr/servers/defaultServer/
                    Output:  /opt/ibm/PFS/v8.5/usr/servers/defaultServer/

As I did not specify a server name, it dumps out the overall WLP configuration, which is helpful

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