Sunday, 27 May 2018

How to use the IBM's Transformation Advisor on IBM Cloud Private

The Transformation Advisor is a free developer tool to help you quickly evaluate on-premise Java EE apps for deployment to the cloud. This recipe describes how to use Transformation Advisor on ICP 2.1.

The Transformation Advisor application is available as additional free content on IBM Cloud Private v2.1. It has the capability to quickly evaluate your on-premise applications for rapid deployment on WebSphere Application Server and Liberty on Public and/or Private Cloud environments. On running the Transformation Advisor it will create a custom data collector which you download and run on your on-prem application server. The data collector identifies the Java EE programming models on the application server and creates a high-level inventory of the content and structure of each application and information about potential problems moving that application to the  cloud. This information is used to determine the complexity of your applications. Transformation Advisor calculates a development cost to perform the move to cloud and makes recommendations on the best target environment.

The detailed reports include advice, suggestions, and best practices to ensure that the application runs correctly in the recommended cloud environment, enabling administrators to evaluate applications in minutes without accessing source code.

Transformation Advisor also now (since v1.4.0) helps to get you started making the move to cloud by automatically generating many of the artifacts you need to containerize and deploy your application to the cloud.

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