Sunday, 27 May 2018

IBM Application Modernization Field Guide

IBM Application Modernization Field Guide

Introduction to IBM's app modernization approach that decreases time to market and simplifies deployments.

Business pressures demand faster time to market and app modernization. IBM can make this easy for you and bring immediate benefits:

• Accelerate digital transformation. App modernization is driven by the need to transform business to build new capabilities and deliver them quickly.
• Improve developer productivity. Enabling self service for developers through adoption of cloud native and containerization.
• Improve operational efficiency and standardization. DevOps enablement drives a culture of automation and transformation of operations.
Rewriting your entire estate is a pipe dream. Modernization comes in many flavors. IBM's skills and experience in middleware provide unique insights and approaches to modernize your existing estate with speed, confidence, and reduced risk. View your development investments as an asset, not a liability.

Refactor what's necessary, but don't necessarily refactor.

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