Friday, 12 October 2018

IBM BPM - Tinkering with Groups via REST

I’m digging into an issue with the IBM Master Data Management (MDM) Data Stewardship Center (DSC), where a button ( Add ) doesn’t appear for my user, DSUser1: -

even though the user is a member of the correct DataStewardGroup: -

As part of the investigation, I wanted to look at the groups and teams available to IBM BPM.

There’s a rather useful REST API for this, accessible via the BPM REST API Tester: -

also accessible via cURL : -

curl -k -u wasadmin:passw0rd -o /tmp/groups.txt --request GET --url

Knowing the group name ( DataStewardGroup ), I then used the REST API to get at that: -

curl -k -u wasadmin:passw0rd --request GET --url

which returns a single member - DSUser1 : -

I then dug into the BPM teams, as opposed to the groups: -

and the snapshot ID: -

Armed with the Team ID ( 24.fccd301e-1a55-4873-b69f-05c43b251545 ), Snapshot ID ( 2064.f96be189-3d91-4b8e-b485-21af8e0af5ce ) and Branch ID ( 2063.d1ecb65f-8778-4ddc-8c4f-b94ef28781c9 ), I was then able to dig into the details of the DataStewardTeam: -

all of which seems to confirm that DSUser1 is a member of the DataStewardGroup which is mapped to the DataStewardTeam

So why doesn’t the Add button appear ?

Ah, well, keep on digging ….

Some follow-up reading: -

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