Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Something for the weekend - IBM Master Data Management and IBM Business Process Management on Docker

From this: -

Bring up deployed IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management v11.6 Feature Pack 7 along with IBM BPM and IBM Stewardship Center in minutes

The pre-deployed MDM on WAS v9.0.0.8 and DB2 v11.1 along with IBM BPM Process Server, Process Center and IBM Stewardship Center can be brought up in minutes in a system where docker and docker compose are installed


In this recipe, we are going to have an overview on how to install docker and docker compose and bring up a pre-deployed MDM - database and application along with IBM BPM and IBM Stewardship Center on that docker instance.


A machine on which you can install Docker, Docker Compose and IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management v11.6 Feature Pack 7 along with IBM BPM Process Server, Process Center and IBM Stewardship Center.

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