Thursday, 18 October 2018

IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) - Fun with Context Roots and Deployment Environments

During a recent build of a BAW environment, I saw this: -

CWMCB0195E: The source file of the copy operation does not exist (/opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/config/cells/PCCell1/applications/CaseBuilder_AppCluster.ear/deployments/CaseBuilder_AppCluster/CaseBuilder.war/WEB-INF/
The ' -create -de /home/wasadmin/' command failed. For more information, see the log file /opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/logs/config/BPMConfig_20181017-171418.log.

whilst creating the Deployment Environment using the BPMConfig script: -

/opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/ -create -de ~/

The difference between this and many other builds was that I'd over-ridden the Context Root for the various BAW applications within the DE properties file - - via this line: -

Typically this is left as-is meaning that the applications have the default Context Root e.g.


whereas I wanted to amend these to: -

Thankfully this has been addressed by an iFix for BAW: -


Having downloaded this from IBM Fix Central, I checked the content of the fix: -

/opt/ibm/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl listAvailableFixes -repositories /mnt/BAW18001/Fixpack/


and then installed it: -

/opt/ibm/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl install 8.6.10018001-WS-BPM-IFJR59780_8.6.10018001.20180911_0132 -repositories /mnt/BAW18001/Fixpack/ -installationDirectory /opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/

Installed 8.6.10018001-WS-BPM-IFJR59780_8.6.10018001.20180911_0132 to the /opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer directory.

Once this was applied, we're good to go :-)

PS For the record, BAW is a combination of IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) 8.6, plus various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities, including Filenet Content Platform Engine (CPE) and IBM Content Navigator (ICN).

Also, for the record, this is what I now have installed: -

/opt/ibm/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl listInstalledPackages

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