Friday, 14 December 2018

Consume and provide APIs with API Connect and Node.js

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When organizations need to expose functionality to the outside world, they can do so at a business-to-business level through collaboration or through a front-end service for customers. In the past, they would have used Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) practices to create web services which could be reused for each new business wishing to use the same functionality.

Recently, organizations have looked to take advantage of the API economy which exposes the services through APIs. There are many key differences between services and APIs.

IBM API Connect allows organizations to manage, run, and secure the APIs they provide. Their Developer Portal exposes the APIs for discovery so consumers can subscribe to the APIs and call them with their own applications.

This tutorial will demonstrates both the API provider and API consumer journey using IBM API Connect as an API hub. We cover basic concepts and show API providers how to use Node.js for internal service and how to use Node.js in an application for the API consumer to call the API.

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