Friday, 28 December 2018

CWOAU0062E and IBM Client Private authentication

Hmmm, I saw this: -

CWOAU0062E: The OAuth service provider could not redirect the request because the redirect URI was not valid. Contact your system administrator to resolve the problem.

whilst trying to log into my IBM Cloud Private (ICP) 3.1.1 cluster, using it's host/service name: -

whereas it works OK using the IP address: -

Using this: -

Accessing your IBM® Cloud Private cluster by using the management console

as reference, the suggestion is that one always use the IP address ( of the boot/management node ), but I wondered if/whether I can use the host/service name.

Reading up, I *wonder* whether I had neglected to set this: -


in the config.yaml when I first built the cluster.

However, that appears to have "gone away" with 3.1.1, in that it's not mentioned in the KC here: -

Customizing the cluster with the config.yaml file

although it may have been replaced by: -


In an environment that has multiple network interfaces (NICs), use cluster_lb_address to set a public or external IP address for the management services in your cluster. You can specify a fully-qualified domain name instead of the IP address.

This public address is assigned to the master node, used to access the console, and also used to configure kubectl.

In an HA environment, cluster_lb_address masks the cluster_vip as the leading master IP.

Ah well, some more digging .....


Darn, I'm good ....

I updated my config.yaml file, adding: -


and dropped the cluster: -

docker run --net=host -t -e LICENSE=accept -v "$(pwd)":/installer/cluster ibmcom/icp-inception-amd64:3.1.1-ee uninstall

and rebuilt the same: -

docker run --net=host -t -e LICENSE=accept -v "$(pwd)":/installer/cluster ibmcom/icp-inception-amd64:3.1.1-ee install

and now we are in like the veritable Flynn.

I can access my cluster via this URL: -

as well as via the IP address: -

Obviously this is somewhat disruptive AND destructive.

Therefore, please please please use caution before trying this in YOUR environment.

Remember, folks, YMMV and Caveat Emptor :-)

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