Tuesday, 18 December 2018

DB2 on Windows - More fun with uninstallation

Following my earlier post: -

Fun and Games with IBM DB2 on Windows

using a different Windows 2012 R2 box, which is NOT and has NEVER been an Active Directory domain controller, I was again trying and failing to uninstall DB2.

No matter what I tried, including: -

msiexec.exe /i {5F3AC8C5-2EB8-4443-AC5D-D4AA4BD5BC21} /qb /norestart REMOVE=ALL 

where I used the previous suggestion: -

wmic product get /format:csv > c:\temp\software.csv

to get the registry ID of the DB2 installation, or this: -

db2unins.bat -f

I couldn't remove DB2 - instead, the server just logged out, leaving DB2 intact.

I did some digging into the syntax of the latter command, and found the -t tracing flag.

This time around, I did this: -

db2unins.bat -f -t c:\temp\foobar.trc

which resulted in this: -

Start to uninstall DB2 products......
Successfully killed all running DB2 processes.
Successfully removed DB2 environment variables.
Successfully cleaned the registry.
Finished manually uninstalling all the DB2 products.  Restart your computer.

and it worked !

One reboot later, back in the game ....

Easy when you know how - although rm -Rf is SO much easier !

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