Wednesday, 11 November 2020

More with Cloudant - Serverless web application and API

This popped into my inbox t'other day: -

In this tutorial, you will create a serverless web application using a bucket in Object Storage and implementing the application backend using IBM Cloud™ Functions.

As an event-driven platform, Cloud Functions supports a variety of use cases. Building web applications and APIs is one of them. With web apps, events are the interactions between the web browsers (or REST clients) and your web app, the HTTP requests. Instead of provisioning a virtual machine, a container or a Cloud Foundry runtime to deploy your backend, you can implement your backend API with a serverless platform. This can be a good solution to avoid paying for idle time and to let the platform scale as needed.

Any action (or function) in Cloud Functions can be turned into a HTTP endpoint ready to be consumed by web clients. When enabled for web, these actions are called web actions. Once you have web actions, you can assemble them into a full-featured API with API Gateway. API Gateway is a component of Cloud Functions to expose APIs. It comes with security, OAuth support, rate limiting, custom domain support.

Serverless web application and API

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