Saturday, 10 July 2021

Following up - arrays and string munging in Rust

 Following up on And here we go - more Rust By Example I had some fun munging a string into elements of an array in Rust.

This is with what I ended up: -

fn main() {
    let image_string: &str = "";
    let mut image_array: [&str; 4] = ["registry", "namespace", "repository", "tag"];
    let mut index = 0;
    for _part in image_string.split(&['/', ':'][..]) {
        image_array[index] = _part;
        index = index + 1;
    for _i in 0..image_array.len() {
        println!("Index {} value {}",_i,image_array[_i]);

and this is how it looks when I run it: -

cargo run

    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.00s
     Running `target/debug/hello_world`
Index 0 value
Index 1 value davidhay1969
Index 2 value hello-world-nginx
Index 3 value latest

noting that I'm doing this in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 

I did get some useful inspiration for this from, amongst others: -

Now to add this functionality into my work with Kata Containers ..... YAY!

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