Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Fun and games with sed and unterminated commands in Jenkins

So it took me ~3 hours to fix a Bug that should've taken ~10 minutes ...

I was trying to mitigate an issue with one of our Alpine Linux-based images, where our IBM Container Registry (ICR) Vulnerability Advisor (VA) tool was (rightly) complaining about our exposure to CVE-2021-36159 with apk-tools.

I knew that the mitigation was to update the Dockerfile to ensure that this package was updated.

However, given that I'm building from someone else's GH project, where I don't control the Dockerfile per se, I wanted to have my Jenkins Pipeline job amend the Dockerfile "in flight".

So the Dockerfile had the line: -

FROM alpine:3.13 AS run

so I used a bit of sed sweetness to add: -

RUN apk --no-cache upgrade apk-tools

How hard can it be ?

I even tested it using Bash: -

echo "RUN apk --no-cache add procps" > /tmp/foo.txt

cat /tmp/foo.txt

RUN apk --no-cache add procps

sed -i 's/RUN apk --no-cache add procps/RUN apk --no-cache add procps\nRUN apk --no-cache upgrade apk-tools/g' /tmp/foo.txt

cat /tmp/foo.txt

RUN apk --no-cache add procps
RUN apk --no-cache upgrade apk-tools

Easy right ?

Nah, not with Bash embedded in Groovy via a Jenkinsfile ...

Each and every time I ran my Pipeline, the sed command threw up: -

10:45:38  sed: -e expression #1, char 61: unterminated `s' command


I tried various different incarnations .... with different separators, including / and ; but to no avail.

The internet had the answer, as per usual ....

specifically this: -

2. Insert lines using Regular expression

which provided the following example: -


I tested this manually: -

echo "RUN apk --no-cache add procps" > /tmp/foo.txt

cat /tmp/foo.txt

RUN apk --no-cache add procps

sed -i "/RUN apk --no-cache add procps/a RUN apk --no-cache upgrade apk-tools" /tmp/foo.txt

cat /tmp/foo.txt

RUN apk --no-cache add procps
RUN apk --no-cache upgrade apk-tools

And, better still, it worked within Jenkins: -

11:42:04  Step 14/29 : RUN apk --no-cache add procps
11:42:04   ---> Running in 9505a71400bb
11:42:04  fetch
11:42:04  fetch
11:42:04  (1/5) Installing libintl (0.20.2-r2)
11:42:04  (2/5) Installing ncurses-terminfo-base (6.2_p20210109-r0)
11:42:04  (3/5) Installing ncurses-libs (6.2_p20210109-r0)
11:42:04  (4/5) Installing libproc (3.3.16-r0)
11:42:04  (5/5) Installing procps (3.3.16-r0)
11:42:04  Executing busybox-1.32.1-r6.trigger
11:42:04  OK: 7 MiB in 19 packages

11:42:05  Removing intermediate container 9505a71400bb
11:42:05   ---> a4947b0b1d8d
11:42:05  Step 15/29 : RUN apk --no-cache upgrade apk-tools

which is nice :-)

I've raised an issue with the original project's GH repo, as it'd be better to get apk-tools upgraded at "source" so to speak, but I'm rather happy with my experience - every day is, indeed, a school day

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