Thursday, 15 July 2021

Gah, problems building Kata Containers but totally self-inflicted

 Whilst trying to build the kernel using Kata Containers, I kept hitting a problem which appeared to be with the make command.

As an example: -

./ setup

/root/go/ line 30: pushd: /root/go/src/ No such file or directory
/root/go/ line 31: .ci/ No such file or directory
/root/go/ line 32: popd: directory stack empty
INFO: Config version: 85
INFO: Kernel version: 5.10.25
INFO: /root/go/ already exist
Kernel source ready: /root/go/

I assumed that this was a missing pre-requisite on my part, harking back to a previous post: -

Kata Containers and Ubuntu Linux - lessons learned - 4/many

Well, kinda but not quite ...

I'm not 100% sure what led me to the realisation but I did finally notice this in the above message: -


'cos I'd (inadvertently) cloned the Kata Containers repo into ... 


Not sure why but I did ...

The developer guide does make it clear: -

$ go get -d -u
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make && sudo -E PATH=$PATH make install

Build and install the Kata Containers runtime

Once I did it properly: -

git clone $GOPATH/src/

cd $GOPATH/src/

./ setup

./ build

all was well, funnily enough


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