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Application Integration and Portlet Development for IBM WebSphere Portal

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Application Integration and Portlet Development for IBM WebSphere Portal

Portals provide an integration point for front and back end business applications, data and processes, personalized to each user. IBM WebSphere Portal extends the portal concept with support for content management; simplified usability and administration; search and indexing; open standards; and security. Come and learn how you can integrate new or existing applications using Portlets and the services provided by the WebSphere Portal Server.

This workshop is for ISVs who are interested in developing Portlets to enhance their applications and to facilitate integration in a customer's WebSphere Portal environment.  Participants should have some experience in writing and deploying Java™ Web applications. The labs sessions will show how to use Rational Application Developer and WebSphere Portlet Factory to develop portlets.

This workshop will be a traditional classroom workshop with live instructor and lab machines provided.

There is no charge for the workshop but participating ISVs are expected to register for the IBM WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog offering before the workshop, and to nominate their Portal solutions for inclusion in the catalogue. Participants in the catalogue offering gain:
  • No charge 90 day technical support
  • Downloadable product code at no charge
  • Access to full product documentation, portlet development guidelines and examples
  • Solution exposure to customers worldwide and much more
What you will discover by attending the workshop:
  • The components, features, and functions of IBM WebSphere Portal Enable
  • Available development tools:
  • Rational Application Developer
  • Lotus Component Designer
  • WebSphere Portlet Factory
  • How to develop and deploy portlets
  • How to leverage portlet standards such as JSR 168
  • Rapid portlet development techniques and tools for both developers and non-developers
  • Developing dashboards using the dashboard Accelerator
  • Using WebSphere Portal as the front-end for SOA and user-centric workflow
  • Methods for implementing single sign-on in a portal environment
  • Understand how the WebSphere Portal family of products
  • Understand WebSphere Portal Enable V6.0 features and services
  • Single sign-on techniques
  • Using Rational Application Developer to develop portlets
  • Manual and automated deployment and configuration of portlets from Rational Application Developer to WebSphere Portal
  • Understand how to integrate back-end data using WebSphere Portlet Factory
  • Understand how to create composite portal applications
  • Understand how to use the Dashboard Accelerator to develop dashboards
  • Understand how to use WebSphere Portal with WebSphere Process Server to deliver user workflow for Business Processes

This workshop is intended for IBM Business Partners. Customers may be accommodated on a space available basis.

Participants should have: d
  • Experience with WebSphere Application Server Version 5.1 and above
  • Familiarity with the portal concept
  • Experience writing and deploying Java web applications
  • Experience writing programs using Rational Application Developer V6.0 and above
  • Note:  If you do not have the prerequisites as described above, you may still enroll but the basics of the prerequisite products may not be covered in this workshop.

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