Tuesday, 29 July 2008

BlackBerry 7130v - The Lurv Is Gone

Well, I've tried and tried again ( as per my Mother's recommendations )
but I cannot love the 7130v. After two months of persistence, tears and
a H*U*G*E volume of dropped calls and simple fade-out, I've reverted
back to my trusty Nokia 6021.

Switching the Vodafone SIM to the Nokia was pain-free, and I was able to
participate in an hour-long conference call with no dropped connection;
the call quality did fade at one point but I simply walked from one side
of the house to the other ( interestingly switching telephone STD codes
during the process ).

Will need to download and re-discover the joys of the Nokia sync.
process with Lotus Notes, but c'est la vie.

Sorry, BlackBerry, I did try - perhaps another phone would've done it
for me, but the affair is over.


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