Friday, 26 September 2008

Another useless error message ... this time from iTunesh

If the error is unknown, how the heck am I supposed to fix it ?


Matt said...

...worse still - if the error is unknown, then how does iTunes know it has occured?

SteveCogan said...

Ah, did you get this attempting to update the iPod software? Have been through software update hell TWICE in 2008 attempting to update my iTouch. Wouldn't mind so much, but PAID for the updates that trashed it!!

Dave Hay said...

@matt - grin

@stevecogan - yep, am trying to update the iPod to the most recent software version - having paid £5ish for it - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

SteveCogan said...

Dave, ended up, er, "porting" the downloaded code to a different pc with iTunes. This one wasn't synced to the iTouch. Allowed it to be wiped, then got it going again.

Took it back to my master iTunes pc and put the music back on it.

Convoluted, but have the latest sw update working now - AND music!

Dave Hay said...

@steve - thanks for the advice - need to get back round to trying this again - perhaps @ the weekend :)