Sunday, 5 October 2008

A suitable JVM could not be found

Whilst trying to apply a WAS 6.1 fixpack, I kept seeing this error: -

despite trying various options, including: -

update.exe -is:javahome "c:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\java\jre"

and: -

update.exe -is:javahome "c:\WebSphere\AppServer\java\jre"

In the end, I created a log file using the command: -

update.exe -is:javahome "c:\WebSphere\AppServer\java\jre" -is:log c:\foobar.txt

This log file showed a series of messages: -

Searching for Sun Java 1.4.X for Windows using path hints
Check path hint Relative C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\.\java
Verifying JVM at C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\.\java\bin\java.exe
for JVM: Sun Java 1.4.X for Windows
C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\.\java\bin\java.exe does not exist
Check path hint Relative C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\.\java\jre
Verifying JVM at C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\.\java\jre\bin\java.exe
for JVM: Sun Java 1.4.X for Windows
C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\.\java\jre\bin\java.exe does not exist
Check path hint Relative C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\..\java
Verifying JVM at C:\Lotus\Mashups\AppServer\updateinstaller\..\java\bin\java.exe
for JVM: Sun Java 1.4.X for Windows

which suggested, to me, that the fixpack installation requires JVM 1.4.X whereas I'm using JVM 1.5.0.

On further reflection, I realised that I was trying to use a WAS 6.0 Update Installer to update my WAS 6.1 instance.

Can you say "Doh" ? I bet you can ....

In the meantime, I'm downloading the correct Update Installer from here.

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mashi said...

Thanks. It helped me a lot.

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