Sunday, 19 October 2008

WebSphere Portlet Factory and SAP Together

Just starting to play around with the "free" implementation of Mini SAP
that came with my copy of "ABAP Objects - An Introduction to Programming
SAP Applications" that I bought a couple of years ago.

I installed it without too much difficulty, and was able to get
WebSphere Portlet Factory to connect using the supplied jCO.jar classes.
I can retrieve a list of BAPI objects, but haven't got a clue what to do
with them, or what data to use for my input queries.

Am also trying to work out if Mini SAP also offers a SAP Business
Workplace ( SAP BW ) implementation as well.

More fun to come .... watch this space.


Daniele Vistalli said...

Hey, that's interesting.

Do you have any pointer to get a MiniSAP ?

I'm looking into it and I don't have an SAP environment to play with.

Thanks in advance.

Shared Memory said...


do you currently have a concrete project with SAP BW/BI Integration into WebSphere portal? We are currently dealing with the same topic. It would be interesting to share some experiences.

Dave Hay said...

@daniele - yes, I obtained a copy of MiniSAP via this book

ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications

@shared memory - I'm working with a number of customers who'd like to see SAP data/processes available within their portal environment

Diego Visentin said...

Daniele: ask to Gigi about MiniSAP

Ardigo said...

In the IBM Innvation Center @ Segrate HQ you'll find a complete environment to play with Portal/Portlet Factory and MiniSAP. This is a shared environmnt to try the tech for our business partners ad customers, and where u can experiment the benefits of SAP quick integration and portal composite applications.

Ask GIGI or me for details.

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