Thursday, 21 May 2009

From the field - performance challenges with Lotus Notes 6.5.4 when indexing databases with large views

Following his earlier postings on Lotus 123 import/export into/out of Lotus Symphony, James is back with another useful snippet of information: -

In essence, James' poor laptop spends so long trying to index a rather large DB ( which has a view index greater than 600 MB !! ), that the NTASKLDR task kicks in, and eats CPU faster than a rather fast hare called Swifty running rather swiftly away from a fast fox in a Ferrari.

The solution - buy a Cray, invest in a bigger laptop, or leave the heavy duty indexing task to a server that has the memory/disk/CPU to handle the workload.

I hesitate to say "Use a Mac or Ubuntu" as (a) that'd be cruel and (b) Notes 6.5 might be a challenge on those two platforms ( WINE or VMware anyone ) :-)

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